A Little Rusty

Note: As I have just spent the last hour writing and rewriting and editing this blog post, I have to be honest with you. I feel awkward blogging. It seems that my time away has made me a bit rusty and a tad insecure in my postings. But I can tell you these things without fear because […]

Tight Trend

Growing up, I hated winter… Winter always came with the one thing that I hated most in the world…. tights. My mom was adamant about me wearing tights instead of letting me bare my hairy little, pre-teen legs. Anytime I wore anything but pants the tights came out. I thought having to wear these itchy, stomach […]

DIY Earrings

I was doing my usual Saturday morning Pinterest routine when I came across this picture and tutorial by Evie S. I fell in love with the idea of a cheap Sunday afternoon craft so I raced to the store and bought this.. I used crochet thread, paper clips, hot glue and earring hooks. I actually […]