Spring Photo Shoot

I was bitten by the photography bug less than a year ago. In that time I have read countless photoblogs, perused many books and tried to squeeze any bit of information I can out of anyone who knows anything about photography. It’s a slow process, but I’m determined to get better. Last Christmas I did […]

Totally Fetch

It’s Friday. Seriously my favorite day of the week. Besides Banana-grams Thursdays…but that’s a hard one to beat… obviously. What? You don’t celebrate Banana-grams Thursdays? Really? Do you want to? Because you can… Here’s what you need to do: 1) Head to Amazon (or Target) 2) Buy the game Bananagrams and hide it in your desk at work 3) […]

My New Toy

I’m traveling again this week. Don’t look so surprised. Because I got home late Friday, worked Saturday and then raced frantically around Sunday to get ready to leave again on Monday, I didn’t get to finish the oh-so-special project I’m in the middle of… which was definitely a bummer. On the up side, I did […]

Birthday Moo-la

Yesterday was my birthday. I wasn’t going to mention it but since it’s past, I decided to let you in on my secret. It was a wonderful day. My husband, friends and family spoiled me rotten…. I am a completely blessed woman. For sure! So what did I ask for you ask? All I asked […]