Balance Challenge

I’m not sure if you’re aware or not, but there is an exercise trend sweeping America… and no I’m not talking about Zumba. It’s Paddle boarding. No, not paddle boating. Paddle boarding. Here’s how it goes…. You stand on a long surf board and using a canoe paddle, you glide down the river/lake/ocean. It’s a […]

Fourth of July mismatch

The Fourth of July is a such a wonderful patriotic holiday and a great time to enjoy friends and family BBQs!  We had some close friends over for food and rooftop fireworks.  I wanted to get a little crafty in a non-traditional red, white, blue way.  I have so much fun fabric but in such […]

Let’s go outside

Did we ever mention that we pretty much live in a heavenly place? Well, we really do. One of my dear friends Dina called our town a little piece of heaven. I couldn’t agree more. Today was a gorgeous day to be out and about, so I thought I would take some photos to give […]