Snow Day

If you are Facebook friends with anyone in Northern Indiana, then you know that today is a snow day. Unfortunately, college admissions offices didn’t get the memo that the roads were too¬†treacherous¬†to travel. I guess that’s the downside to walking to work… You never get a snow day. You can always, and I mean always, […]

Music for a Cold Monday

It’s Monday and the day has flown by. I can’t believe it’s already lunch! Yes, I’m writing this while at lunch. Snacking on my poor attempt at kale chips… think less chippy and more soggy bread… Grosse. This is who I’ve been listening to this morning at work… source Everly. You might recognize one of […]

A Very She & Him Christmas

As expected, it’s currently Antartica here…. Totally not expected, I’m home with the plague. Gag. I have a tendency to be a little dramatic. How about a nice Wednesday morning math equation for you?? Post Thanksgiving +Snow+Christmas decorations=Frantic search for some good Christmas jams. Does anyone else feel my pain? Well problem solved, mi amigos. […]

Do You Know Amos?

You know how when you’re really into something, you just have to share it with the people you love? You know, you talk about it until you’re super obnoxious to everyone around you and people start agreeing with you just so you will shut your trap? Does this happen to anyone else but me? Well, […]

The Civil Wars

It’s Friday friends… can I get an Amen?? Not only is it Friday, it’s the Friday before a holiday weekend… double Amen!! Well for some of you… some of us have to work on Monday… whomp whomp. But we won’t talk about it for now… for now, there are two whole days ahead of me […]