Snow Day

If you are Facebook friends with anyone in Northern Indiana, then you know that today is a snow day. Unfortunately, college admissions offices didn’t get the memo that the roads were too¬†treacherous¬†to travel. I guess that’s the downside to walking to work… You never get a snow day. You can always, and I mean always, […]

Back in Action

I am alive. I know you were wondering. Y’all are straight up champs for putting up with my flakiness the past 2 weeks… seriously. I missed you. There were so many times where I would wake up and think, “ooh.. I should blog about that” but due to lack of a computer, I didn’t. I’m […]


source It’s one of those days today… You know, a blech kind of day? I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and have been in a funk all morning long… Does this ever happen to anyone else? I think it was the cup of dark chocolate chips I ate last night. […]

My Christmas Must-Watch List

Happy Tuesday my friends. This post is stemming from the realization that Christmas is in less than 3 weeks and I have yet to watch all of the films on my Christmas must-watch list. Do you have a must-watch list? No? Only weird people make to-do lists of the movies that have to be watched […]