Catching Up

Things are wrapping up around the W household as both of our semesters are coming to a close. The one nice thing about going back to school is that we both get almost an entire month off before the spring semesters start. I. Can’t. Wait. I have made and hung a “Christmas to-do” list on […]

Maintaining Life

This is seriously the longest I’ve gone without posting… I’m ashamed. Since we’re friends and all… let me be honest with you… I’m struggling to maintain balance between my personal life, school, and doing things I love (i.e. blogging, cooking, fiddling with my camera). This has been the hardest semester yet for finding a balance […]

Am I the Only One?

As I was sitting at the table this morning, reading and eating breakfast, I started thinking about… well, me… and what a total dork-wad I am. Do you ever do this? The past week I’ve felt like my brain has been on utter overload and I have been reverting back into my clutzy, nerdy, act […]

Friday Obsessions

We all have those things that make us act like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. For me, I don’t even really notice that I have an utter obsession with something until it comes up in conversation and I make a complete fool of myself. Exhibit A: Shortly after finishing The Hunger Games back in 2010, I was in […]

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday, again. I seriously have no idea where the time goes. One moment I’m bummed because it’s Sunday night and the dreaded Monday madness is on the horizon… then I blink and it’s Friday again. I haven’t done anything worth blogging about all week… minus the night that I spent WAY too much time […]