My Fitness Pal App… Gotta Get It!

Well hello Thursday. It’s so good to see you bright and early this morning. Wait… I mean dark and early. Definitely dark and early. The sun doesn’t rise prior to 5 am. Coffee?? I don’t need no stinkin’ coffee. I have pure… adventure to thrive off of. Why all the adventure you ask? As of […]

Party Sized Hickory Bacon and Spinach Quiche

If you follow this blog semi-regularly you know that I am OBSESSED with quiche (pronounced keesh if you’re just coming onto the scene). They make a weekly appearance in our household but never with the same ingredients. That’s the beauty of a quiche… you can throw anything together with eggs and have it turn out […]


You may have noticed that I have a few obnoxious┬ástrong opinions. Like, such as…(insert Ms. South Carolina quote)…. I have anxiety attacks when people don’t take advantage of their free curb-side recycling…. I launch into conniption fits when I think of the inventor of Styrofoam… Last night I dreamt about digging through trash at a […]