My Fitness Pal App… Gotta Get It!

Well hello Thursday. It’s so good to see you bright and early this morning. Wait… I mean dark and early. Definitely dark and early. The sun doesn’t rise prior to 5 am. Coffee?? I don’t need no stinkin’ coffee. I have pure… adventure to thrive off of. Why all the adventure you ask? As of […]

Balance Challenge

I’m not sure if you’re aware or not, but there is an exercise trend sweeping America… and no I’m not talking about Zumba. It’s Paddle boarding. No, not paddle boating. Paddle boarding. Here’s how it goes…. You stand on a long surf board and using a canoe paddle, you glide down the river/lake/ocean. It’s a […]

Indy Mini. Ready or not, here I come.

Tomorrow morning a sea of humanity is running the largest mini-marathon in the nation. Somehow, with no conscious effort of my own, I ended up being one of them. You know how much I “love” running. Nonetheless, I’m doing it and I better be ready excited. (Our dear Kirbylicious is running a mini this weekend as […]