Spring Photo Shoot

I was bitten by the photography bug less than a year ago. In that time I have read countless photoblogs, perused many books and tried to squeeze any bit of information I can out of anyone who knows anything about photography. It’s a slow process, but I’m determined to get better. Last Christmas I did […]

DIY No-Sew Bunting

I sat in a seminar yesterday for 8 hours… it was a seminar regarding Facebook and social media… I went in expecting to bring my laptop and Facebook stalk for 8 hours straight… Let me just tell you, that did NOT happen. I did, however, have some time to think about an upcoming event and things […]

Crafting Cards

I have this friend. Her name is Mallery. She is fun, outgoing, beautiful and kind. She is also phenomenally gifted when it comes to crafting. Her DIY passion? Cards. I employed her for the baby shower that we’re throwing for Lena next month… With a little Pinsperation, she came up with these… Since I have known Mallery, […]

Blik lovin’

Hello dear blog world, it’s been far too long!   I’ve just returned from a spectacular TWO WEEK vacation and had the opportunity to meet some of the Indiana NN followers!  I feel so refreshed and inspired from visiting some super crafty homes and want to get going on some of my never ending fun house ideas! Today I wanted […]