It’s Personal and I’m Not Sorry.


Today I am reeling.

Mainly because yesterday I officially passed my boards, became a Registered Nurse and have an unofficial job offer on the table.

What? Is that real life? Is this actually happening?

I no longer should need to call my mom up (who is also a registered nurse) and ask about medical problems because now (in theory), I should know the answer.


Wow. Wow seems to be the only word that can convey my feelings on the matter.

I don’t normally write very many personal posts but this one, this one is a personal post. (In saying that, I completely don’t blame you if you click off right now, just make sure to check back Monday for a traditional NN post.)

This morning I woke up with and am completely humbled.  I have spent the last 14 months participating in a rigorous second-bachelors program for this very moment. The moment when I have graduated and passed my boards. And now it’s over.

I have reached the end without failing out, losing my friends and family, dropping out because of finances, losing our house because we’re both in school and not working, etc.

Humbled to be finished. 

Throughout the entire last year, if you have spoken to me about this and the things going on in our lives, you have probably heard me say, “It’s tough but it’s fine. God is the Great Provider.” However much I felt that then, multiply it by 1000.

Humbled to have been provided for. 

I received a call yesterday from a hospital that said there is great potential for my employment there, just waiting on paperwork.

Humbled to be taken care of. 

Now, I don’t say these things to brag. Quite the opposite actually.

I say these things because we are friends and I needed to share these things that lay on my heart this morning with friends and I hope you can celebrate with me at your desk, or your kitchen table, at a coffee shop, or waiting at the airport.

Because that’s what the blogging community is, right? It’s a community of friends all over the world who celebrate life’s little glory’s with each other. Whether it’s making a dish for the first time, talking over the chaos of children/family/work/etc, redoing your bathroom, or celebrating life’s accomplishments. We are a community.

Humbled to be a part of this with you. 

So today, I’m celebrating. And reeling. And reveling in how this happened. And praying. And crying a bit.

I’m thankful. So incredibly thankful. And you’re a part of that.

Happy Friday friends. I hope it’s a great one for you.


What are your thoughts?

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