Google Reader, Where Have You Gone?

I used to spend hours upon hours a week searching for blogs and trying to keep up with the new posts in all of my fave blogs.

That was until Marah pointed me in the direction of Google Reader.

A place where you could store all of your fave sites without major searching? You mean it tells you when someone updates their blogs immediately? Is it possible that a place like that really exists??

Good news. It did exist. Bad news. It DID exist.

No longer does.

So as I’m easing my way (read: jumping head first) back into the blogosphere, I’ve been asking around for a site like Google Reader where I can keep an active list of all my favorite blogs.

Amy at Delineate Your Dwelling, suggested Bloglovin.

It’s so similar to what I had and so far (it’s not been too long) but it’s really great. It gives you a screenshot like this one (Note: this is not from mine).

Bloglovin screenshot


It’s super easy to navigate and definitely the one that comes closest to my beloved Reader.

And guess what? Natty Nook’s on Bloglovin’!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Any one else have any places where they love to collect the various blogs they follow? I’m always up for suggestions.



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