A Little Rusty

Note: As I have just spent the last hour writing and rewriting and editing this blog post, I have to be honest with you. I feel awkward blogging. It seems that my time away has made me a bit rusty and a tad insecure in my postings. But I can tell you these things without fear because we’re friends and you understand. I write and backspace. Write some more, save, then delete. Where in the world did my humor go? Why am I so dry? Didn’t I used to be decent at this whole blogging thing? These are the thoughts that have just consumed my brain for the last 60+ minutes. So here’s to my first real post back. All I can say is that it only gets better from here 🙂 Happy reading!

I’ve been thinking about the word home lately.

My mom recently came to visit and I was thinking about the definition of it.

Home. Home. HOME.

It’s a word that invokes strong emotion in me.

It means so many things in my vocabulary….

Where I live with the best man in the world. The house we just bought. The town I grew up in. Where my family lives now. The college I went to.

For me, I grew up in Texas. I’m a Texan to the core. This is not new information. Texas is and always will be home.

Last week I got a lil goody in the mail (thanks Ashley!) and I thought it would be a perfect thing to blog about.


Obviously the founders of The Home. T aren’t Texan because they actually thought to do this with the other 49 states as well.

The Home. T is company started to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis and they ended up with a pretty sweet business. They were surprised to see that even Hilary Duff jumped on the state pride train…

hilary-duff-texas home t-shirt


Needless to say….Check ’em out, rep your state, and support Multiple Sclerosis research in the meantime.

And if you see me around town, kindly pretend that you haven’t seen me wearing this shirt every day for the last week.

Happy Monday friends!


P.S. You know me, this post is not sponsored. Just passin’ it along.



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