There’s Just Something About a Snow Day

My eyes popped open this morning and I almost literally sprinted to the back window.

I reminded myself as a kid because I was running to see how much snow we ended up with last night. This is what I found…


Now when I say that I reminded myself of a kid, I am not meaning me as a child because, well…. let’s face it. This type of thing NEVER happened to me growing up in Texas.

I think that’s why snow days help me channel my inner child. I end up sitting on the couch, drinking milky tea for hours on end watching all the activity outside. Everyone gets a late start and begins to dig themselves out of the 8+ inches we got over night.

J even loves it because I volunteer to go out and shovel snow. I still think it’s fun since I’ve done it approximately twice in my life.

There’s just something about looking out my kitchen window and seeing this…


The air just holds a new excitement as kids who’s classes were cancelled start making their way to the hills around town to begin their sledding adventures, or as stay at home parents make a full breakfast and thank God for a day at home with their children.

There’s something totally romantic about snow days. I know I’m head over heels for them.



All that snow…. waiting to be made into forts, snowmen, snowballs, and sledded in.

I hope that your day today is wonderful and romantic just like our snow day.

I know how I’m spending my snow day. How are you spending yours?




2 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About a Snow Day

  1. Your snow came blowing in here in the form of bajareque..”rain dust” so thick that one of the fattest rainbows hung just in front of the volcano as if someone painted it there.. It was a fat watery type, sort of unformed. It is cold here too. I have on wool socks under my flip-flops.
    Loved your description of your snow day..and love you two too!

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