Starting Fresh

I’m taking down our Christmas decorations today.

Total bummer.

I adore the way our home looks and feels all dressed up in it’s Christmas best.

If our tree would last and be fresh all year, I’d be seriously tempted to keep it up.

But alas, I give in and put these things away and look forward toward the year ahead.

As always, I have made a list of things I want to accomplish in 2013.

I do have a confession first. I posted this last year around this time….

Only one thing on the list above for 2012 was completed.

I became proficient (decently) with my camera. Let me show you…

This was taken January 2012.


And this was taken November 2012.


Here is January 2012…

And here is October 2012…

traverse city 075

Instead of focusing on what I didn’t do this year, I want to think about the year ahead.

Typically, I’m totally bummed throughout the months of January and February, focused on the cold and lack of nice holidays. But  not this year!

I feel something different this year. I feel thankful for another year and to see what the Lord has in store in 2013, and refuse to be bummed, even if it is January.

This year I’m striving to:

  1. Commit more Scripture to mind
  2. Be kinder to people
  3. Learn a new skill
  4. Be a better friend
  5. Cook more and eat out less
  6. Spend more time with you
  7. Drink more water


The new year is a new start and a chance to do the things that you failed to do last year. It’s a time for refreshment and encouragement.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?



What are your thoughts?

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