Catching Up

Things are wrapping up around the W household as both of our semesters are coming to a close. The one nice thing about going back to school is that we both get almost an entire month off before the spring semesters start.

I. Can’t. Wait.

I have made and hung a “Christmas to-do” list on our fridge with all of the fun things I want to do over break. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Cookie decorating party
  • Watching a TON of Christmas movies including both Miracle on 34th Street’s, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, It’s a Wonderful Life The Santa Clause and of course, my fave… The Family Stone
  • Making a DIY Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Christmas Shopping in Chicago
  • Baking, baking, baking
  • Etc

J and I have been married almost 3 years and we’re still working on establishing our own little family Christmas traditions. This year we decided to go out and cut our own tree… it was so fun and perfect. If you’re in the Northern Indiana area, check out Hensler’s Nursery… seriously so fun!




Life has been so crazy lately that I feel like I’ve had all these great blog ideas but haven’t had time to put them into words… so here’s the short version of what’s been going on in the W house over the past few weeks.


Thanksgiving and Christmas are of course, pumpkin pie days, but I think next time I want to try this recipe.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, I just had to share this one of J and Grandma playing table tennis. Love them!


I got a MASSIVE box of produce from a local farm… needless to say I made potato soup and I don’t hate it. (Note: I used full fat everything but milk.)


Your family and friends won’t be able to handle this hot cocoa recipe... just remember to buy an extra jar of Nutella to keep the natives happy. (Note: I used fat-free milk and added mini-chocolate chips for extra chocolate)


I made a huge batch of butternut squash soup... only to find out the hubs doesn’t like butternut squash. The things you learn after knowing someone for seven years…. soup anyone?

Those are some things I’ve been meaning to share with you… I have a list of DIY projects that I’ll be working on sometime next week so I’ll be sure to share those with you as well.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week!

To all of you students, hang it there. It’s almost over!

xoxo, Kirby


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