Maintaining Life

This is seriously the longest I’ve gone without posting… I’m ashamed.

Since we’re friends and all… let me be honest with you… I’m struggling to maintain balance between my personal life, school, and doing things I love (i.e. blogging, cooking, fiddling with my camera).

This has been the hardest semester yet for finding a balance in life and I have to admit, blogging has taken a back burner…. but PLEASE don’t give up on me friends!

I have approximately two weeks left of this semester until I have an entire MONTH off!! Woohoo! I’m already making a list of the awesome things I’m going to be doing. Of that which includes:

  • Making my completely abandoned kitchen feel loved again
  • Pulling out my brand new (over a year old and never been used) knitting needles to get a jump on Christmas gifts
  • Spending some much needed Q.T. with you
  • Catching up on all of my beloved blogs that I adore reading but haven’t even had time to think about in the last 6 weeks
  • Oh… and did I mention… the beach? Nothing too fancy but great Lake Michigan beaches are calling my name BIG TIME

I just have to make it through the next two weeks… if you miss me too much to handle, head on over to the archives and catch up on past posts, tweet me here, or let’s become real friends here.

Thanks for the love, support and understanding! Y’all are seriously the best!


What are your thoughts?

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