Spring Photo Shoot

I was bitten by the photography bug less than a year ago. In that time I have read countless photoblogs, perused many books and tried to squeeze any bit of information I can out of anyone who knows anything about photography.

It’s a slow process, but I’m determined to get better.

Last Christmas I did a “photo shoot” with a precious little girl named Maelle. Her mom’s a good friend of mine and Maelle is always a delightful model.

Here was the shot they chose at Christmas….

This time, I borrowed Lena’s 35mm lens and we went and hung out in the park a bit. It was so much more enjoyable this time as little girl wasn’t freezing this go around.

Here are some of my favorite shots…

She has grown up so much in the past 6 months and is such a fun little girl. She was teething during the shoot but did SOOO well.

On a more technical note, I’m in LOVE with the 35mm lens. Love Love Love. I’m starting a savings plan for it like yesterday.

You the know thing about photography, you can read and read and read barely reach the tip of the iceberg when it comes to practical knowledge. Or at least that’s how I feel. If you know of any great books/sites/articles, feel free to shout it out in the comment section!


What are your thoughts?

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