DIY Chalkboard

Well I’m back from a whirlwind weekend get-away to the thriving metropolis of Tulsa, OK. After driving 13 hours each way, this girl was spent but it was so much fun getting to see some family and watch my dear cousin marry such a great lady… and like any good ‘ole wedding reception… there was a photo booth!

(Photo by T-Town Photo Booth)

Does anyone else adore the fact that photo booths are currently so trendy?

Now we’re back home and back to the grind. Well, as much grind as being unemployed has to offer… I’m totally still enjoying my two week break btw. Now that we’ve got the basement finished, I can do more important things…. like lay out, nap and hang out with friends…. it’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it.

I briefly mentioned a chalkboard when I posted about our basement last week. This isn’t just any chalkboard… this is an “it’s taken me 9 months to actually finish this project” chalkboard… so it’s special.

Not that it was difficult, whatsoever… I just am super low on the follow-through scale. So… today I am posting about my 9 month long chalkboard project that has just come to completion last week.

Last year some time, I got the hankering to fill an empty space on our wall. Art is typically too expensive to buy, and I don’t have the skill to make anything that looks half decent and call it art… so naturally, I decided to take some wood we had lying around the house and make a chalkboard.

This is what it looked like before I did anything to it…

I used chalkboard spray paint and coated it with multiple coats…

I also swung by the hardware store and bought framing pieces and used a table saw to cut them to the length of the board. Then I spray painted them yellow…

When they were dry, I held them together using straps and hot glued.. yes, I said hot glued them to the chalk board…

When the glue had dried, I hung it using a Monkey Hook….

And this is what the final product came out looking like..

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s not perfect by any means, but for $20, it does the trick quite nicely.

Happy Monday friends!


What are your thoughts?

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