Speaking My (German) Love Language

There are many things I know to be true:

1. Mondays require strong coffee.

2. No matter how many times you try, your car is useless without a working starter.

3. There comes a point in life when you must decide: Team Peeta or Team Gale.

4. Walking home from the grocery store in the rain is not as bad as it sounds. 

5. Half a pan of fruit pizza for breakfast will come back to bite you… eventually. 

6. Your car will break down on the day you forget your cell phone at home. 

7. Reading in bed is bad for your sleep, but good for the soul.

8. Fat-free refried beans are like manna from Heaven.

9. Decaf is not a decent substitute for regular. 

10. Muesli and Nutella-filled cookies bring a bad day up from the ashes.

You may or may not have picked up that I had car trouble this weekend.

My car broke down at the grocery store.

That little black thing that I carry specifically for emergency’s… yeah, I left it at home.

This is seriously as rare as seeing Haley’s Comet. I typically always have it with me, now whether I know where it is or not is another point completely.

Leaving my phone at home somewhere in the deep dark crevices of the couch or in the bottom of a purse… or in the back of the fridge… resulted in me walking home in the rain. Whomp. Whomp.

There is good news: My father-in-law was there to help me! My darling husband would have been but he was also braving the rain, coaching 9 year old boys in the cold wind and rain all day long… I think I got the better end of the deal.

After getting home from a 3 HOUR LONG grocery trip (thank you broken starter), I was a bit discouraged to say the least. I was bummed that my car wasn’t working, that I was sopping wet, our friends were coming over in less than 2 hours to eat and I hadn’t been for a run in who knows how long… feeling a bit dejected, I started unloading groceries…that’s when I got a glimpse…

I had completely forgotten that I splurged and bought….

It’s incredibly rare that our grocery store carries this kind of Muesli, but when they do, I buy in bulk. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it… with a little bit of milk, warmed in the microwave… I could eat it at every meal. German Muesli is my love language.

I also snagged these cookies. They reminded me of McVities that we ate when we were in the U.K. and I couldn’t resist…

After a bowl or two of this, I completely forgot my problems from the day. In my mind, the rain had turned to sun… my car had miraculously healed itself… dinner was already finished… all it took was one bowl to get me on the mend…

It took approximately 3 cookies and a half glass of milk to help all the stress melt away… I think I even forgot who I was for a bit… it was utter Nutella-shortbread cookie bliss.

If you live in the Midwest, be on the lookout at Aldi for these suckers… they’re life changing. While you’re at it, grab me a box, will ya?

To all my German friends, let me know if this stuff is legit. It says that it’s authentic, but who really knows?… Honestly, they keep them tasting this good and who really cares?

It’s Tuesday.. T.G.I.T!


What are your thoughts?

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