Friday Obsessions

We all have those things that make us act like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. For me, I don’t even really notice that I have an utter obsession with something until it comes up in conversation and I make a complete fool of myself.

Exhibit A: Shortly after finishing The Hunger Games back in 2010, I was in a staff meeting at work. Someone mentioned the books and then a professor chimed in and said, “Oh yeah, Suzanne Collins (the author) is my sister in law.” Insert Kirby’s freak-out moment here. It may or may not have involved hyperventilation and tears….Yes, I had a total star struck moment on the SISTER IN LAW of the author of the books I love. I’m that girl.

Or what about the time, cough.. last night… cough, cough, that a so-called friend of mine went and visited Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) in person and sent me a picture text of her and Ree. Now we all know how much I LOVE Ree… So there I was…walking out of Chemistry class when I received the text from the perpetrator… (You know who you are, Casi) My jaw literally dropped and tears came to my eyes… I was that jealous. That’s when it hit me… I have Ree-mania… this may or may not be healthy.

My hang-ups are not always people or books for me, they’re more often than not food related.

This week, it’s quinoa. I’m stuck on it.

It’s always coffee, light vanilla soymilk, bacon and cocoa roasted almonds.

It’s never pineapple, eggplant or anything banana flavored… sick.

I’m enchanted, always, with my food processor. I cringe thinking of living without it.

My love affairs never include horror films… but always chick-clicks. Never opra… but I LOVE me some  musical theatre. NEVER snakes… always golden retrievers or giraffes.

Always Texas. Nude lipstick. Rainbow flip flops. My mom’s pumkin bread. Running shorts. Anything peppermint mocha flavored. The color yellow. Sunshine. Shaved legs on clean sheets. And the Fonz… obvi.

This happened today. Be jealous.

I’m never consumed with heels above 3 inches. Popsicles. Skorts. Biographies. Storms. Tandem bikes. Fried cheese. Mondays. Burnt orange.

Oh and always, always, always… will I be infatuated, fixated, preoccupied and obsessed with this man…

Always and forever.

It’s Friday… what are you stuck on??

P.S… don’t tell J that I put a pic of him up!! It’s our little secret.


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