Happy Friday!

It’s Friday, again. I seriously have no idea where the time goes. One moment I’m bummed because it’s Sunday night and the dreaded Monday madness is on the horizon… then I blink and it’s Friday again.

I haven’t done anything worth blogging about all week… minus the night that I spent WAY too much time watching past New Girl episodes. Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me how addicting this show was??

Since I have absolutely nothing incredible to share with you, I thought I’d make a list of things on my mind today… I don’t blame you if this is where you stop reading.

1. I haven’t cooked a single thing this week.

Okay, I take that back.

I made taco/burrito things Wednesday that are hardly worth mentioning. They consisted of tortillas and beans… baked with cheese on top and slathered with salsa. Kinda pathetic from a person who claims to “love cooking”… it did, however, go over great on the fly… and it was mega cheap… and I could justify multiple vegetarian meals this week because of Ash Wednesday…

That’s it though. Nothing else. Zilch. Zippo. My stove was cold and lonely.

I will confess… we ate a store bought frozen pizza this week… and I enjoyed it. Who am I??

2. Nate and Bethany are flying in today (hopefully) from DC. Nate’s a pilot ergo they fly for free… unless they go overseas… then they have to pay like $20 or something…jealous yet? Bethany and I were sorority sisters/housemates and she’s just about one of the funnest people ever. She’s also just starting to get into blogging (they’ve had a blog for years, she’s just recently revamped it) so you should give them some blog love and check out their site. They’re going to do great things… like travel this puppy…

3. I’m fighting off a wicked cold. If you were to bump into me on the street, I would probably fling Zicam, Halls drops and Echinacea all over our ranowing drizzled streets (see #10)…aside from that, the perk of my day has definitely been the Vanilla Soy Latte Aaron (a.k.a best brother-in-law ever) made me this morning at the Bakery. Gosh I love that place!

Photo Credit: Jer Nelsen

4.  I’m drooling over this camera bag from Epiphanie… you heard me… it’s a purse AND a camera bag… and not a dorky, chunky thing that you carry around to make you look like an over-zealous tourist visiting NYC. It’s cute, functional and totally stylish… I just added it to my super long photography (and life) wishlist… I want. I need. 


5. J is interviewing for his number one choice Ph.D program today… I’m a wreck. Like totally. I need another latte, anything lavender scented and multiple episode of New Girl to calm my nerves.

6. My parents are the bomb. Both of them. Just thought you should know.

7. You would think because my parents are so hard-corely awesome that I would be too. I think it skips a generation…. Shout out to you Mom and Dad! Thanks for taking the time to raise me, love me and read my blog. Y’all are the best!

8. I just figured out how to use a sock bun. Look out world.

9. I gave up meat for Lent… that’s 38 more days that I have to go without it. Not that I’m counting… I may or may not already be sick of vegetables. Anyone have any great tofu recipes?? I flung mine into oblivion when I became an omnivore again…never to be seen nor heard of again… until now. 38 days. 38 days.

10. It’s ranowing here today. That’s snowing-raining. Not to be confused with sleeting. Ranowing+dry shampoo=aweful hair day… enter #8.

Congratulations. You made it through my random post.

Off to find some tree bark to nibble on,


4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. I made it to #10 and it was a piece of cake you silly woman you. Can’t wait to (hopefully) come play this weekend and get a taste/feel for what life is like in Kirby-land. Thanks for the shout out! Love you presh!

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