Inspiration is a funny thing isn’t it. I have set down multiple times today to post about this pretty incredible pie we made a few weeks back but everytime…..

Nothing. That’s what I get. Or hand puppets. You heard me right. I was snapping pics of our fave cookbook and 37 seconds later, I found myself doing this…

Yes, I was upstairs all alone, entertaining myself with a wolf-like hand puppet eating the world for dinner…. and yes, this was spontaneous….


I sit down and begin to write and then get up to make tea. While making tea, I run downstairs and do a load of laundry. On my way downstairs, I trip over my purse and decide it’s in desperate need of a Martha Stewart make-over.  Purse organization leads to a full on search for missing bobby pins. While on my bobby pin expedition, I end up trying a new styling technique on my hair. The new hairstyle bites so I have to take a shower to undo all the mess I’ve created on my head. Then, right in the middle of “rinse and repeat” I remember that I was writing about pie. Darn it. It happened again.


It’s a vicious cycle I tell you.

Inspiration… distractions…pie.

Have you ever thought about how pie can be both of the above? Inspiring and distracting.

J and I made a Key Lime pie awhile ago… and I’m just getting around to posting about it.

Life hogged my attention. I’m sorry. It happens.

It was just beginning to get really frigid outside and we were pining for the laid back days of summer…..Dreaming of never changing out of your swimsuit all day. A constant smell of coconut oil in the air from sunscreen. The humming of jet skis and boats on the lake at all hours of the day… and night. Living on our porch and eating as much pie and ice cream as our stomachs can hold… those are the days. We live for summer. And pie.

So we reminisced. And baked. It’s what we do. Date night at our house is baking. Well typically it’s out eating sushi then baking. Sushi and baked good. They’re therapeutic.

So here I sit. Approximately 14 hours since the last time I sat here… in this very spot… writing about Key Lime Pie.

Here’s what you need:

  • Grahams, Limes, Eggs, Sweetened Condensed Milk (aka Nectar from Heaven), Sugar, Butter, Heavy Cream (heck ya!), powder sugar..

Start with your Grahams. sugar and melted butter… combine in a food processor (or large ziplock bag) and crush until its crumbs.

Then press crumbs into a pie plate and bake until fragrant.

Take your limes…

And zest them..

Then add your egg yolks to the zesty-zest…

Beat in the condensed milk..

And the juice… but try not to have creepy hands like mine. K??

Let the filling thicken then bake on grahams… didn’t snap a pic.. my bad.

Make your topping… whipped cream..

Add in the powder sugar…

And whip… and dip your finger in to test. And repeat.

Throw it all together and you have a pie… make sure you refrigerate your whipped topping or else you get a little melty bowl of gooey goodness like ours…

It doesn’t look like it… but this was da bomb. We ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Here’s the complete recipe we used from Cook’s Illustrated.

Get distracted with something fun today. I dare you.


7 thoughts on “Keys

  1. Life is full of all sorts of distractions so it doesn’t surprise me at all that even pie can be a distraction. For me, when I’m feeling uninspired, almost anything can distract me. Yes–I may have done a few hand puppets once or twice myself 🙂

    • Yay, I’m glad y’all liked it Sarah! Thanks for sweet words! I will warn you, once you make the tomato soup… it’s all you’ll be able to think about… soooo good! Especially if you serve it with grilled cheese 🙂

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