1. Yesterday was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Did you know? My heart hurt yesterday for everyone affected by this heinous crime. You know what? My heart hurts today too. And it will most likely hurt tomorrow. And the next… and the next.

But today is the day to do something. Not tomorrow, today. Buy gifts for your loved ones from Destiny Rescue. Sponsor a 5K walk/run and donate proceeds to Not For Sale.  Partner with organizations like Love146. Do one thing today. It doesn’t have to be big. Just do something. You with me?


2. It’s been 2 years since the largest earthquake in 200 years in Haiti. Here is a great article from Wold Vision: “Haiti Will Never Be a Lost Cause.”

Haiti, two years later: Never a lost cause | World Vision blog


3. I’m listening to a new band today. Passion Pit. Have you heard of them? They’re a bit out of my norm of what I usually listen to, but I like what I’m hearing. Check out their song Moth’s Wings. You won’t regret it.

pic via their website

4. I made tomato soup last night. With Quinoa. I’ll post pics and the recipe sometime later. I had company over and served grilled cheese with it. It was fancy. You should’ve been there. Better yet… invite friends/family over for dinner sometime and serve grilled cheese. Mix it up though. It’s fun. You’ll see. And don’t forget the decaf coffee. Very important.

5. Speaking of… I discovered a new non-profit coffee company. Three Avacados. Fun name, huh? I’m really excited to learn more about them. You know what’s great about them? When you buy coffee from them, the funds go towards helping fund clean water in Uganda. Check please!

Pic via Three Avacados

6. I have some really great stuff lined up to post about in the coming weeks. I was going to start today, then my mind started racing about human trafficking and Haiti and I got side tracked. In a good way though.

7. We’re supposed to be getting a big snow storm today. My inner animal is fighting the urge to hibernate. This is highlighted by the fact that I gave up sugar until May…. whomp. whomp.  I pretty sure Bruce has the right idea here…

Off to find a hole to hibernate in until Spring.


What are your thoughts?

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