Losing Brain Cells, One Nail at a Time

Have I ever mentioned my hypothesis of nail polish? I believe that one day, someone is going to find out that the cure for ____ (insert as you wish) is to stop using nail polish/nail polish remover??

I know. Kind of hair-brained, but stick with me… Every time I paint my nails, I can’t help but think… “I eat whole grains. I drink organic milk. I work out and keep my cholesterol/blood pressure/stress levels down. Yet, I put harsh chemical paints on the things that I constantly have close to my mouth!”

The process goes like this…I have this thought… and then I imagine life without nail polish… I hyperventilate and then decide that they haven’t proven anything yet, so maybe nail polish really isn’t that bad for you… and then I keep on painting.

That’s the cycle. Every week or two.

I think. I hyperventilate. I paint.

Think. Justify. Base coat + 2 top coats. It’s just routine.

This week was different though. I branched out a bit.

Back before Christmas, my friend Mallery hosted a girl party. We cut hair, painted nails and watched the holiday episode of The Sing Off. It was glorious. Especially on a cold, snowy, ump-teen degree Indiana night. As I finished my second coat of polish, Mallery rushed off to find her “must-have” top coat. She claimed that it was the “best top-coat ever”. I was skeptical but I tried it… and guess what??

Life Changing.

Not the “I just graduated college and got a real job where I have to wake up before noon” life change… but more “I just figured out how to use a round brush and no longer have to use my straightener all the time” life change.

You see the difference? Good.

You see… this little bottle of stuff, when used properly, can speed up the drying process of your nail AND keep your nails from chipping days longer than any other top-coat I’ve tried. If you add it all up, this $8 dollar bottle can save you loads of time painting your nails and you can put that time towards more important things…

Like figuring out how to do a waterfall braid on Pinterest. Or ending world hunger.

That’s the beauty of it. You have time to choose what you want to spend your time on because your not spending your time waiting for your nails to dry. Or taking off old, chipped, non-glossy nail polish.

It’s brilliant! Brilliant I tell you!

P.S. This is in no way a paid advertisement. I just love Seche Vite! Over and out.


7 thoughts on “Losing Brain Cells, One Nail at a Time

  1. Umm…SAHM here. Don’t paint my nails cuz I’m always afraid Corban will wake up before they dry. So. I just found it on Amazon and bought it! And if you’d posted an affiliate link, you totally would’ve been credited for my purchase! 🙂 Thanks for the great rec; hope it changes my nail-biting condition!

    • Glad I could make you laugh AND speak to your inner girlyness. That’s totally what I’m here for 🙂 Let me know what you think of the stuff… Can’t wait to catch up with you soon, pretty lady!

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