More than Just a Gift

There are twelve days until Christmas…

How is your shopping coming? If you’re like me, then you bought everything online and are freaking out to make sure it gets to it’s destination on time…

And it was only 3 weeks ago when I thought I was finished shopping…

I was searching last week for some last minute gifts that had meaning behind them. All year long, I’ve been watching clearance racks, trying to find a deal. However, in the last few weeks, it’s really struck me that if I’m going to buy gifts, why not give more than just a gift. Why not buy something that benefits someone else other than the receiver. So, a friend pointed me to another of our friends’ blog… which in turn led me on a wild goose chase for gifts that keep on giving the whole…year…round… and then some.

Here are my top “more than just a gift” places that I’ve been perusing these past few weeks:

Rahab’s Rope: This is an organization committed to helping fight human trafficking.

Compassion Grows: An organization dedicated to building fresh water wells in Uganda, Africa. LOVE THESE T-SHIRTS and they’re only $12!


To Write Love On Her Arms: I feel like everyone knows about this one but I really believe in what they’re doing so I have to include it. TWLOHA exists to provide hope for those struggling with self-injury, depression, suicide, and addiction. Plus they have sweet designs!

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31 Bits: I posted about this a few months back but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t repost about my fave jewelry store. LOVE it and their cause! 31 Bits is a company that provides women in Northern Uganda the opportunity to overcome poverty through making jewelry… and beautiful jewelry at that!



Charity Water: This is an organization that I first found via Twitter. They also are in the non-profit business of bringing clean water sources to people in developing nations.


Love 146: This is one of my new favorite non-profits. Committed to abolishing child sex slavery and helping those they rescue to achieve excellence in their lives. Can I get an Amen??


There are so many great opportunities to give to people in need while also giving to those around you. Why not get two birds with one stone? Check ’em out!

Over and Out.


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