It’s one of those days today…

You know, a blech kind of day?

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and have been in a funk all morning long… Does this ever happen to anyone else?

I think it was the cup of dark chocolate chips I ate last night. Or maybe the huge piece of DELICIOUS Oreo pie. Or maybe the mixture of those things and raw pepperoni’s. Or maybe I’m just an emotional wreck today because I attended a funeral yesterday and the world is short one great lady… I’m thinking it’s a culmination of all the above, what about you?

So what did I do to try and cure my funk?? Besides down as much peppermint mocha flavored coffee as possible?

A few of my girlfriends have been raving lately about Dan In Real LIfe  and so I borrowed it and watched it today.

Love. Love. Love.

Have you seen it? You should.

It’s real. It’s life. It’s Dan in Real Life. 

Catchy, huh?

That’s all I got.

Watch it.


2 thoughts on “Funkytown

  1. Kirby, you SO much love the movies I love, and we don’t even know each other. First “The Family Stone,” and NOW, “Dan in Real Life”?? Both longtime favorites of mine that I felt compelled to purchase so that I could have my fix now and then, of a sweet family story filled with fun, tears, love, and a GREAT house. Now really, wouldn’t you just move into either of those homesteads in a little minute? My favorite homes in the movies. Like, why can’t I have the perfect house, like in the Family Stone, where all my kids and their friends/intendeds/children would have this nostalgic little nook to spend the weekend, or the Christmas holiday. Or in Dan in Real Life, the whole men-vs-women scrabble scene, and the Family Talent Show. Are those not the sweetest traditions ever shone in cinema….or CLOSE to the sweetest, at least! Love love love those dear stories, with a realism and a heart at the center of them, that you know for sure they came from personal family stories. I love your posts, and Lena’s as well. I identify with a bunch of them, even though I’m almost 58, but am totally 38 inside! Take care, and keep on doing the good work, Kirby! You have exquisite taste!

    Barb Bussell (Barbzie) (check out my Etsy shop at and see why I don’t sleep at all during November and December)

    • Barb–We do have exact same taste in movies! That’s what I love most about those two movies–the family and the environment that they create! Thanks for the comment and your kind words! I totally want to start some of the same family traditions as they do in those movies. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!–Kirby

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