Another Corky Craft

Ever since Lena posted this about new uses for wine corks, I have been itching to make something myself out of them. So, after six months of saving up and asking everyone I know for their old wine corks, I finally did it!

I was perusing Pinterest Friday night and came across this…

Monogram Letter - Recycled Wine Cork Wall Decor Letter "R"


I figure y’all would enjoy a post on something DIY. So I grabbed the bag of wine corks that’s been collecting dust in my pantry and set to work.

All I used was wine corks, hot glue gun and glue sticks…

My favorite part about these…

They, like me, are from the Great Lone Star State… which makes me love them even more.

The process was super simple… just glue each cork to the next until you have your letter. I did mine in pairs..

One thing to note: you want to make sure that the sides with the wine stains are all facing the same direction. Unless you plan on having a multicolored letter… then, do whatever you want.

It’s starting to take shape…

Ta-da… the finished product…

Just a fun lil Saturday morning craft.. I think it took me maybe.. 30 minutes total and I love how it adds just a little bit more of a personal touch to our living room… which in itself is a work in progress…


6 thoughts on “Another Corky Craft

    • Ariana, I’ve heard of making centerpieces with them! I’ve seen that done for weddings too. I think it looks great! It’s nice to have a few ideas to change it up if you want 🙂 –K

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