Saturday morning when I got out of bed and looked out the window, I saw some dry leaves on the ground. Fall. Sadness. It got worse when I discovered an unwashed beach towel in my laundry basket. We were just swimming in the lake; now I’m dying to get a remote starter so in the mornings I get into a preheated car. Brr…

It’s not news for any girl that shopping is therapeutic. My hubby, probably having noticed signs of approaching fall depression, agreed to accompany me to a mall.

First thing that changes with seasons in our casa is candles. Bathandbodyworks has amazing candles on sale right now. I got this one and it smells delish. It makes us believe that, OMG,  something is cooking in this house.

Stores are full of clothing in all kinds of fall colors and Fall 2011 trends (which, surprisingly includes tribal patterns, oriental patterns, and 60-70s fashion). I bought a beautiful skirt that will go awesome with my cowboy boots and a jean jacket.

Next come pillows of course. I haven’t updated those, but a trip to Pier I is going to happen soon.

Another thing that I find myself needing about this time of year is warm socks. Do you?

And, check out how sweet my hubby is.

First off, he got me a Real Simple subscription. Got my first issue a couple of days ago. Check out the mailing label 🙂

Second, he added some decorations to our laundry room. And I didn’t even ask him to. Whaaa???

How are you FALLing?

PS: I apologize for having abandoned NN for some time. I’m back with Monday posts for now, but hopefully after my anxiety attacks go away, I will find room in my brain for something creative.


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