Spreading the Love

Happy Monday my friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was chalk full of DIY projects… none that I completely finished. Hah! I did however, manage to make it to Kroger, Aldi, Menards and Walmart all in one day… aren’t you jealous?

So, I’m here to tell you about something that is very close to my heart… snail mail…. and I don’t mean the circulars that are sent out from the local grocery store. I’m talking little love notes that are sent by friends. I started about a year ago, pen-palling with some close friends of mine from back home. We have all moved off in our own directions and currently span from California, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas and DC. Let me just tell you, I LOVE the joy that a simple letter can bring.

Speaking of, have I ever introduced you to my friend Mallery? This is Mallery…

Not only is she a gem, but she is my creative guru. I got to spend an afternoon with my Mal-gal this weekend when she came over and gave me a card making tutorial. Mallery is in the works of beginning a stationary business called ‘You Mean the World to Me’ and let me tell you… she is going to rock at it.  

Let me give you a brief history… every card Mallery has ever made me has been/is on display in our house. They’re. the. bomb.

Anyway, she brought over her supplies and we went to town. While she crafted, I cooked and interviewed her about what it takes to make awesome cards…

1) Mal, tell me about what’s in your stationary toolbox.

I pretty much have a variety of things. I typically use graph paper, twine, cardstock, letter stickers, old book pages, atlas’, paint swatches, glue tape, lace, paper flowers, material and anything with great textures or patterns. Oh and Sharpies, lots of sharpies.

2) What’s most important when making stationary?

It’s really important to think about the person you’re making the card for and what they would like.

3) Do you have a favorite person to create for?

Not really. I just love crafting cards for my good friends. It brings me a lot of joy.

4) What inspires you?

Pretty much words and colors.

5) You are pretty crafty. You make frames, hair accessories, decorations and much more. What’s your favorite craft and why?

Definitely cards. I have a huge heart for writing letters, I think it’s such a lost art. It’s really an important thing because of the thoughtfulness that goes into making and writing a letter. Getting a card really makes people’s day. It’s rare and it’s a gift.

6) If you could get a letter from anyone, who would it be?

Anyone of my close friends. I once got a card from a friend who said that they hated when people went on and on in letters about themselves, so the entire note was all the things that they loved about me. It’s so encouraging and loving to get notes from friends like that.

While Mallery was answering my questions, she tore paper, wrapped twine, created with antique stamps and crafted these…

And my favorite of the day…

“You know the thing about writing notes is that you can’t write a letter with an attitude of expecting one back. That’s the great thing about it–you have to write letters out of complete, unselfish love.”–Mallery

So there you have it. Mallery is sharing her gift with us… and I for one, love it! She is just beginning to sell her cards so if you are interested you can email her at pierce.mallery@gmail.com. Take the time to write someone a letter this week and make there day…



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