Yes? No? Maybe so?

One day, Kirby found this picture of Julianne Hough, and she “could have sworn” it was me.

When my husband saw the picture, he said: “Well, it’s definitely your clothes!” But in my humble opinion, our shades, covering half the face, can allow for more resemblance than that.  What do you think?

How awesome are those Under Armour shorts? I practically have been living in them this summer, it’s even embarrassing a little. (Same story with a pair of jeans I have… Well, if you can call them jeans with the size of the hole they are getting.) 

I was very flattered when Kirby sent me this pic, because who wouldn’t want to look like a hot dancer???

To this question, hubby just said, pointing to himself with 2 thumbs: “Um, this guy!”

And I’m all: “OH YEAH?”

Alright, maybe those aren’t the best pictures, and maybe Evan Lysacek isn’t technically a dancer (just almost), but I’ve heard from a lot of people that Gregster looks just like him.


What are your thoughts?

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