Blik lovin’

Hello dear blog world, it’s been far too long!  

I’ve just returned from a spectacular TWO WEEK vacation and had the opportunity to meet some of the Indiana NN followers!  I feel so refreshed and inspired from visiting some super crafty homes and want to get going on some of my never ending fun house ideas!

Today I wanted to share my love of an awesome company called Blik. 

 They basically sell stickers for adults!  It’s so fun and easy that I think everyone should make a purchase for their home!  I bought some fun DOTS for my daughter’s nursery last year and ever since have wanted to get more.  The ingenious thing about them is they aren’t permanent and you can move them around as needed in the room.

{Okay, this is really featuring how adorable my kid is but you can see the dots in the background}


Here are a few others I’m completely in love with and it will only be a matter of time before they are mine!

{I wanted to put this in my kitchen, different colors of course}

{Is this not the cutest idea on your tub? So doing it}

{I’ve been on the look for a cheap guest bedroom headboard, done!}

There are a million adorable choices when it comes 
to Blik, which are you going to get??

enjoy, amy


4 thoughts on “Blik lovin’

  1. Great post Amy! Thanks so much for the ideas… I’ve been looking for this type of thing for my office 🙂 Sad I didn’t get to see you on your IN visit. Next time!! –KIrby

  2. Do they work well on textured walls? I have seen some cute designs, but am afraid to purchase with my orange peel textured walls.

    • It depends on what type of sticker you select. All of our walls are VERY texturized so the small dots I put up worked with no problem, just a little bumpy looking from up close. I would assume if you get a larger sticker that covers big sections of the wall, it wouldn’t look quite as clean. Thanks for your question!

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