Trash to Treasure: DIY Headboard

As of yesterday, thanks to my friend Sara, I’m a very proud owner of …um… a very old door. And it’s not even attached to anything. From somebody’s house trash pile to my bedroom – for free. Perfect. 

I’m planning on making a headboard out of it. I don’t know when I can get to it, or how exactly I’m going to refinish it, but it will be done. (If today is any indicator of how this school year will go for me, I may not get to it for a while.) 

There are many ideas online and below are just a couple of my favorites. 

LOVE, love, love the look below. Rustic doors + chandelier! Chic! (I would prefer horizontal layout though!)

Adore the color (pistachio?) of the door below! This whole bedroom makes me want to pack everything up and move to Charleston, South Carolina. 

Interesting finish on the door below. I also love how spacious and soft the bed looks. Cozy!


Happy Tuesday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure: DIY Headboard

  1. I have an old wood door with its original mirror inside leaning up against that wall in my bedroom. It’s probably my favorite item in the house, like if the house were burning down, I’d grab the 50lb door mirror and my puppy. Only cost $2! i can’t wait to see what you come up with for the headboard!

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