The Secret Ingredient

So you know how sometimes I like to post about ingredients that I feel have been forgotten? Taken advantage of? Used but never appreciated?

Well today is one of those days! Hooray!

One of my closest friends, Dara, is here visiting this week. It’s been fabulous and I’ve loved it. She is not a picky eater but of course I want to make sure that I cook really well this week for her. I don’t know why that is, I guess I just want to spoil her. Anyway, I made a recipe from Pioneer Woman last night.

I know, you’re shocked arent’ you?

Well I made this little beauty…

Pic Via PW website

It was delicious. Like totally. I highly recommend it. You can click here for the recipe. It’s super easy, quick and painless. Try it. Like seriously.

Anyway, the recipe calls for heavy cream. I used heavy whipping cream. I haven’t yet discovered if there’s a difference or not, but I know it tastes amazing.

That’s the secret ingredient folks. Heavy. Whipping. Cream.

There I just told you the secret to life. You’re welcome.

But in all seriousness, this stuff is da bomb. Yes, I just said that.

You can put it in sauces, coffee, cakes, on cakes, on pies, on a spoon, etc. Why people ever invented ready-whip I will never know. Take this stuff, pour it in a bowl, add a tbsp. of sugar and beat on high until whipped and you my friends, will be happy forever.

Or at least until you hit the bottom of the bowl.

Please, I beg you. Quit taking heavy whipping cream for granted and show it some love! You won’t regret it.

Off to enjoy my heavy cream laden cup of coffee,



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