Farmer’s Market

We had an incredibly eventful weekend here on the Lake. A big, quick, tree-hating storm came through on Friday afternoon and knocked out electricity here for a couple of days.

It was cray-cray.

So, being without power on Saturday morning meant that I couldn’t go to the grocery store because it was approximately 84 degrees in our refrigerator.

84 degrees does not keep food well.

In light of the fact that I couldn’t do my Saturday morning grocery shopping, my mother-in-law Deb and I loaded up my car and headed to the farmer’s market in our cute little hipster of a neighboring town, Goshen.

Goshen Farmer's Market

It was fabulous.

It gave me the bounce in my step that being without power took away.

Because my camera battery was dead and I was without means to charge it, I didn’t take pictures.

I know. I’m sorry.

Anyway, the market was fabulous. Wait, did I already say that?

So here was my loot: 2 HUGE zucchini, 1 large bag of cherries, 1 liter of local honey, 2 MASSIVE tomatoes and 1 large pound of green beans. All organic. All local. For under $20.

It was a steal!

In the attempt to convince you to go out and support your farmers, I thought I might highlight some advantages to shopping at your local Market.

1. The lack of a “middleman” means increased returns financially for the farmer.

2. Promotion of healthy diet because of the fresh food

3. Reduces packaging and waste

4. Brings life into the towns and cities

5. People who buy from Farmer’s Markets are more likely to stop in at least one local store as well. Increasing local economies.

I could write a book on why I believe that we should buy locally. Really, I could!

If you’re curious about where to find local markets in your area, you can click here and look up your county.

Alright, Alright. I’m off my soap box now.

Note: More on the benefits of farmer’s markets here.


What are your thoughts?

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