Whoops, I broke another dish!

The hubs and I are coming up on our 5th wedding anniversary this July!  My how the time goes by quickly… and with that has come five years of use of our wedding purchased glassware and dishes!  I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with our drinkware + wine glasses purchased from Crate and Barrel, so fun and stylish!  We don’t have a CB in New Mexico so I had to order the remaining glasses we needed online.  They were shortly after discontinued and I ended up having to get one glass from Maine, one glass from Florida, two glasses from California, etc… it was a labor of love.  Sadly, 5 years later and we are down to only 3 drinking glasses and a hand full of the small juice glasses.  It ends up that so fun and stylish doesn’t always mean made to last forever.  Anyhow, our dishes are also getting little dings and chips.  With our kitchen reno coming to a close (FYI, I found new AMAZZZZZING tile for the backsplash — expect posts to follow in the next month or so!!) the hubs thought we should finish it out with new glasses and possible dishes, yay!  I’ve started the hunt and just wanted to share how many amazing options are out there.  Let me know where to find your favorite dishes!

West Elm, dinnerware

Pier One Imports, dinnerware

Anthropologie, dinnerware

Potterybarn, drinkware

Crate + Barrel, wine glasses

West Elm, glassware

West Elm, glassware

Crate + Barrel, beer glass (so cute, I couldn’t help it)

enjoy, amy.


5 thoughts on “Whoops, I broke another dish!

  1. This post brought me back to my 10th anniversary when I decided to replace our broken and missing pieces. We also got ours at Crate N Barrel, but our pattern is STILL there! Does that mean I’m not stylish? I’d prefer to think that we are just classic… They still have our flatware there, too, but the drinking glasses are long gone. You could always go vintage and do a nice mix/match…

    • We may hold onto the dishes for now, only a few chips… it’s the glasses from CB that are falling apart before our eyes. And NO, you are the most fun stylish crafty person I know! I still dream about your wedding loveliness… ah… My mom has collected all different white dinner plates and it really has a beautiful look, but I’m not sure my engineer husband could handle mix/match like that. =)

      • I have loved the new direction I chose about 6 yrs. ago, a twist of Jaime’s mix & match idea. Every place in the country that I traveled I purchased one place setting of creamy white dishes. I now have 8 place settings and great memories of where I traveled. Its very eclectic but I don’t have to worry if a dish or two breaks, just add a new one of my choice.

  2. I almost like it when dishes break:) It means I can get new ones. And surprisingly, or not, every single dish or glass that has been broken in our house was broken by Greg!!!!

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