Coffee: Life in a Cup

I was a grump this morning. I’m still a little bit grumpy to be honest.

I don’t know what it was about this morning but I did not want to get up. Let me paint you a visual (don’t worry, I will leave out the bed head, puffy eyes and morning breath for your benefit. You’re welcome.)…

The alarm went off. I groaned. I pulled the covers over my head. I re-set the alarm. I happily went back to sleep. The alarm went off. I groaned again. I pulled the covers over my head. I grumpily got out of bed.

As I wondered into the kitchen where my wonderful husband was already up making oatmeal, I fumbled around to find the new bag of coffee that the same wonderful husband (you know, the one who’s already making oatmeal?) had brought home from the bakery yesterday. I opened the bag and took a preliminary inhale… ahh… the smell of fresh coffee. I suddenly broke out in song… “breath of Heaven”… alright, not really but I was pretty close to it.

After grinding the beans and impatiently waiting for it to brew, I poured me a cup of this wonderful substance and cozied up to the table… slowly transforming from my ogre state into a human being again.

Emphasis on slowly.

Photo by Jer Nelson

It’s amazing the effect that coffee has on me. One moment I can be a grump and within seconds of just inhaling its aroma, I’m breaking out in song like I’m Olivia Newton John or something.

So, in honor of this wonderful, life giving liquid, I thought I would share a few tips of how to make sure you have the freshest, best cup of coffee possible. Again, I know what I’m talking about… I have a blog.

1. Buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself

2. Make sure your coffee pot is clean. Occasionally run it with only water and vinegar to keep it clean. (Note: Just make sure after you run it with vinegar and water, you run it through twice with water to clean out the vinegar taste)

3. DO NOT KEEP YOUR BEANS IN THE FREEZER. I know that this once was the preferred way to store your coffee but again, trust me. Store your beans in an air tight container. This will keep them fresher.

4. Use cool/cold water when brewing your coffee through coffee maker.

Okay, I know this isn’t rocket science, but these are things I have picked up along the way and have learned and they really make a difference.

Speaking of coffee, I think I’m about due for my second pot  cup.

So what is your preference? Are you a brew or espresso person? Do you like your plain ‘ole cup of Joe or do you like to dress it up a bit?
Note: The above photo is of 1000 Park Baking Company taken by Jer Nelson Photography.





5 thoughts on “Coffee: Life in a Cup

  1. There aren’t many things that I love more than my espresso maker. Morning lattes save my day! But I wouldn’t say no to a good cup of brewed coffee with some milk.
    Great post, Kirbs.
    Miss you!

  2. Sadly, I don’t like coffee! But I’ve learned to tolerate it since my husband is a bit of a coffee snob himself. He actually roasts his own beans! He uses a regular ole’ popcorn popper ( and loves this flavor even more than just grinding already-roasted beans. I wonder if there’s something like that for cocoa beans…I love hot chocolate!

  3. Sarah, You’re husband roasts his own beans? That’s really cool… luckily for us, we have a roaster about 300 yards from our house so we get them pretty fresh. I would definitely invest in something like that for cocoa beans… I am a big hot chocolate love myself…. especially with some cinnamon and peppermint! Thanks for the comment!–Kirby

  4. I’m with Lena, morning lattes make my day! People are always shocked about the beans in the freezer. Whoever started that?!?!

    • I don’t know who started the beans in the freezer fad but whoever they are sure did spread the word fast bc I feel like everyone I know has done that at some point or other…. Do you have your own espresso machine Cali?–K

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