Sneak peek: gray and yellow

Here I shared my plans to redecorate our spare bedroom on a budget. I also mentioned that it’s going to be a slow process. So far, I’ve been true to my words:)

I bought the bedding (above) and needing to buy a queen-size blanket (somehow all our blankets are king…). I also purchased bright yellow fabric at IKEA and am in the process of making decorative pillows. Sometime, hopefully in a not very distant future, I will post a tutorial on my pillows (like you can’t find a million of those online already!). 

I decided that the main colors in the bedroom are going to be gray and yellow. I LOVE this combination. I want, like, everything to be in these colors. I even have a plan on making a gray and yellow nursery for our future child (and I have NO plans of having the said child anytime soon… questions to my hubby!).

Ahh! Check out some of these inspiring photos.

And how stinkin’ awesome is this look?

I would like to add bits of a third/fourth color in the bedroom. What do you think will look beautiful with yellow and gray? I need combination suggestions. Pretty please?


16 thoughts on “Sneak peek: gray and yellow

  1. I like the combination of yellow and grey but i think that it will be effective only in sunny rooms. If the room is shady the charming light yellow turns into old sad and faded. I guess in shady rooms it is more reasonable to use bright yellow color to add a piece of sun and warmth. I don’t know why (and don’t judge me for that) the last pic caused the only association: “Она несла в руках отвратительные, тревожные, желтые цветы…”. The flowers, the dress and the color are fine though 🙂

    • You are right… I think the room gets enough light though to make yellow and gray look ok.
      Where is the quote from? Knowing your encyclopedia brain, must be some Russian classic?:)

  2. Grey & yellow is my alltime favorite color combo! It looks so fresh & crisp! I’d do grey walls with yellow and white pops. Royal blue accents or a sugary pink would also look nice. It depends on what you want the room to feel like. If you want it to be softer, go with a pastel pink or violet. If you want it to look more modern & strong, red or aqua would be perfect. Can’t wait to see what you choose! You can’t really go wrong here.

    • Mindyyyyyyy! Thanks a bunch! I love the idea of pastel pink or violet. I might just try it.
      I don’t know if I’ll be painting walls any time soon though… The walls are soft peachy color, I think it may look ok as it is now. If I totally hate it, I will figure something out:) And by figuring something out I mean asking people like you for suggestions:)

  3. This is my favorite combination both in clothes and in interior! We used those colors in our new kitchen and it looks awsome. Even in a rainy day if I turn the light there is an illusion of sun. Can’t wait to see your (that used to be mine – *wink*) new room. Good luck!

  4. I wil I will someday, Lenchik!!!
    No, I haven’t moved yet, our remodeling goes very slowly. Only the kitchen is finished. I can’t wait when I will be able to decorate my place too. It’s soooo exciting!

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