Spotlight: Barefoot Moscato

As the weekend approaches, I can’t help finding myself dreaming of summer. It’s April and in Texas, it is 90 degrees and sunny. Currently here in Indiana it is in the low 40’s and slightly cloudy. I can’t help finding myself slipping off into daydream oblivion thinking about warmer weather, days on the lake and picnics! When I think of summer, I think fruit. There is always an abundance of fresh fruit in the grocery store, at my house and all along the roads that I drive and I love it! So as I began to think about what I wanted to spotlight today, I decided I wanted to highlight a wine this week that really bottles up the feelings and tastes of summer. Barefoot Moscato is a wine that is “delightfully sweet”. It has strong citrus tones and is very drinkable. It pairs incredibly well with mild cheeses, spicy asian dishes and even fresh fruit. It is also very affordable…

Do you have any foods that remind you of summer?


10 thoughts on “Spotlight: Barefoot Moscato

  1. any kind of fruit (organic as you call it) reminds me of summer, or rather berries like blackberries or strawberries which you can gather in the countryside yourself

  2. There is this Russian soup called Okroshka that reminds me of summer. Too bad I can’t make it here. No kvas in the US of A. My Russian ladies will understand what I’m talking about:)

  3. Ohh, okroshka! LOVE it! Definetely – the most summer thing!

    P.S. Когда я была в “Орленке” на юге, в одном кафе заказала окрошку и меня спросили чем вам ее заправить. Меня вопрос поверг в ступор – ну чем еще заправить окрошку, как не квасом! Ан нет, у них там в ходу кефир! Так что можешь попробовать с кефиром. Я сама не пробовала, но раз люди едят…

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  5. Lena forced me to drink this last Wednesday, and today it jumped from the shelve into my hands. But I do not own a wine opener…so it will have to wait 🙂 ha.

  6. Свет, кефир что-то не охота в окрошку! От одной мысли как-то даже воротит:)
    С квасом намного лучше.

    Casi, you big dork, you:)

  7. о-о, я на выхах объедалась окрошкой! к нам в гости приехали моя тетя с мужем и привезли настоящий (светлый) квас, который во Владимире не достать. Так вот помимо кваса мы в окрошку наливали еще кефира и добавляли ложку сметаны, yammy!

  8. Casi, I’m glad Lena “forced” you to try it! Everytime I go to Owens now, i have to avoid that section because those darn things always seem to jump into my cart too! Glad you liked it 🙂

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