From trash to treasure: DIY desk reno

If I could choose one DIY project that I’m particularly proud of, that would be my desk. I practically took it out of my in-laws’ trash pile. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I had heard about this awesome weathered crackle paint and was on the lookout for something to use it on. (Never mind that usually it’s the other way round:))

It was quite ugly… Right? It took about 3 days and 3 coats for this baby to look decent.



It’s not perfect by any means. The bottom drawer looks a bit smudged. Lesson learned – use a think layer of paint!

Crackle paint allows you to achieve this distressed, weathered look without time or damage. I bet ya that’s what they use at Pottery Barn… (maybe… I really have no clue)

You can use this guy to create antique furniture and even vintage picture frames.

* Lowe’s has different colors and pattens for this. They have little cards that show the final product and tell you what set to get. A couple of tips: use a roller brush for smoother application and don’t be frugal with paint.


6 thoughts on “From trash to treasure: DIY desk reno

  1. I LOVE this table, Lenchik and MISS it soooo much. I see you moved it on the bed’s side – very cute! What did you put on its old place? It’s such fun to see your place remodeled here on the pictures after I saw it with my own eyes last year.

    As for the idea, I’m thinking of trying the same thing with my old chairs. I was going to get rid of them but after seeing your post I’ll think twice before doing so. See, you are my inspiration, girl.

    And yeeees, we need to talk some day soon. Lova you!

  2. Privet, Dinchik!
    I’m not sure exactly how much paint I used but 1,1 oz seems too little. It may be enough for like a picture frame or something. The stuff I used came in 3 different cans, regular size (maybe 30 oz). I had to do 3 different layers with 3 different cans. I didn’t use it all, but used a lot of it.
    Here is an easier option for you – buy a can of regular paint, paint the chairs and then use something to damage or distress the chairs. I’m going to use sandpaper on a couple of chairs that I just painted. I’ll show pictures later.

    As far as the bedroom is concerned, G and I got a dresser from an old neighbor and put it in place of the desk.

  3. Обожаю эффект кракле!!! :)) Правда, пока только в открытках) Но, думаю, что на мебели тож хорошо смотрится, если стиль остальных предметов в комнате соответствует 🙂
    Стиль, в котором этот приём используется, называется shabby chic. Если еще не знаешь что это – советую изучить 🙂 Я пока к открыткам применяю, но в будущем хотелось бы иметь свою скрап-комнату (ну в смысле рукодельную), оформленную хотя бы отчасти в этом стиле 🙂
    Так круто, что ты занимаешься такими переделками сама!!!

  4. Ир, слышала про шэби шик. Мне тоже очень нравится!
    Мне на самом деле этот блог наш очень помогает. Мотивирует очень заниматься такими вещами. У меня еще полно всего будет, так что заглядывай.
    И удачи тебе с открытками и рукодельной комнатой. Можно даже с рукодельного уголка в своей спальне начать?

  5. Спасибо!
    Нет, пока с рукодельным даже уголком сложновато… Но я ж знаю, что у меня всё будет! ;))

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